Top 10 LED Strip Light Suppliers


The market for LED strip light has been growing for the past few years, and this has been at a steady rate. LED strip lights are also versatile in use and are known for their sleek appearance and efficiency in energy usage making them ideal for both home and business use. 


However, with the number of LED strip light suppliers out there, how do you ascertain that you are buying from a supplier that provides quality and durability? In this article, we summarize the best ten LED strip light suppliers in consideration of an array of factors such as the product(s) offered, the accreditation received, and customer feedback among others.


What to Look for in LED Strip Light Suppliers


Before jumping into the top suppliers list, let’s first understand what makes for reliable LED strip light manufacturers and exporters:Before jumping into the top suppliers list, let’s first understand what makes for reliable LED Strip Lights suppliers and exporters:


Product Range 


A good LED strip light company would have a very large range of LED strips to choose from; there is single color LED strips, RGB LED strips, LED tape lights are available with different chips hence making it easy to find a perfect match for your project.




Some accreditations that any reputable LED strip supplier should have include RoHS, CE, UL, DLC, and PSE certifications since they assure the quality, safety, and performance of the LED strips in question. 




Cost is indeed a factor but making LED strip lights dirt cheap would probably mean sacrificing quality and service. It is essential to maintain a balance between both reasonable price and other parameters of the product.


Customization Options


Leading suppliers allow customization on such things as size, power, luminance, densities, and shapes, and so forth; this brings versatility.


Customer Service 


In all aspects of operations from pre-sales support to after-sales assistance, dealing with well coordinated and efficient teams adds to the suppliers’ satisfaction.


The Top 10 LED Strip Lights Suppliers


Now that we are familiar with key supplier selection parameters, let’s reveal our picks for top 10 LED strip light manufacturers and exporters:Now that we are familiar with key supplier selection parameters, let’s reveal our picks for top 10 LED strip light manufacturers and exporters:



Our products range includes different kinds of energy saving lamps ,LED lamps,Eco halogen saver bulbs,Halogen bulbs ,led module,led strip and pixel light etc .All our lamps have a high reputation and hot market in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East and other countries . Our factory have been ISO 9001,CE,RoHS,EMC certified.

We have strong R&D staffs and quality control team who are professional in the areas of lighting for many years.With guaranteed product quality, all items are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients.

Dekingled is a China professional LED strip light manufacturer factory. flexible SMD Led strip lights, led aluminum profile, led linear lights, cabinet lights, and led downlights are our main products. Focus on Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, and North America markets for more than 13 years.

Our led products have CE/ROHS certification for the European market and FCC/IC certification for the North American market. Listen to your request carefully, make the order according to your request, and service as important as the products.





LEDMY is particularistic for its strip LEDs which can be used in almost every field starting from automobile lighting to kitchen illumination. It means, it offers German technology with Chinese innovation and quality standards.




OmniLed is a UK based company offering over 7000 LED lighting options for home and offices, commercial spaces, etc. Their LED tape light range comes with good luminance characteristic, effective adhesives, and 5-year guarantee.




Elecolight Company complies with IATF quality management standards hence will adopt the best practice. It shall provide LED strip lights with high CRI, efficiency and low cost that is able to satisfy most application requirements.  




ELIN LIGHTING is among the many wholesalers who supply LED strip lights at a relatively cheap price while offering long-lasting and efficient products. Its products illustrate diversity, and they can be applied for both indoor and outdoor use in commercial and industrial spaces.


Green Inova Lighting 


California based Green Inova, deals in made in USA LED strip lights with features such as IP67 waterproof, UL and impact resistance with operating temperatures ranging from -40° F to 176° F. The supplier shows even more value for higher product quality.  




In fact, HitLights seeks to supply LED lighting products not only to the end users but also to organizations that want to save energy and enhance their looks. The Light Kits include LED strips; RGB options provide fabulous effects.


Flexibility Lighting  


Flexibility Lighting is a supplier where one can choose light color, mounting mechanism, lenses, lengths, connectors etc Based in China, the LED strip lights available in the company’s offer can deliver up to 180 lumens per foot and have an IP65 rating.


Viribright Lighting


Products marketed by Viribright include thin flexible PCBs, lights with high uniformity, lights that can last up to 50,000 hours and come with warranties for three years. It is perfect for decorative, architectural, and machine vision purposes due to the LED tape lights.




Wrapping up the list, Litever offers quality LED strip lighting products that can enhance the aesthetics and value for any residential, commercial, or hospitality setting. Starting with RGB dynamic options up to ultra long rolls that last 50-feet and are non-waterproof, the versatility and flexibility is impressive.  


Key Takeaway Points on LED Strip Supplier Selection 


By following this guide on selection criteria that has highlighted parameters like product variation, certification validity, customization freedom, the right balance of price and after-sales service, identifying LED strip light manufacturers and exporters get simplified as per the quality and budget requirements. Determine necessary lighting, cross check the supplier’s credentials as mentioned above and do not shy away from calling the companies to get more details before buying. Hence, ensure that you invest in quality LED strip lighting today so as to enjoy efficiency benefits for the next few years.

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