How To Find The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

We use different types of products on our shampoo for your hair daily care. We need to wash, condition, nourish and strengthen our hair. Our scalp also needs our undivided attention for us to have a good and healthy head of hair.

Shampoos, conditioners, hair balms, hair oils, hair masks, hair styling gels, hair wax, hair serums, etc. are some of the products that we use on an everyday basis for our hair care and hair styling. We also use appliances such as blow dryers, hair straighteners, hair curling rods and others on our hair. Among all of these products and appliances, shampoo is one product that we use on our hair almost every day. It can either call for a healthy head of hair or ruin our hair.

We need to understand which shampoo is best suited for our specific type of hair and how it will benefit our hair and scalp in the long run.

In this article, we shall discuss the different types of shampoos and what is best for which hair type. There are also many factors that we should consider while choosing a shampoo for ourselves.

1- First of all we should know our scalp type and how to take care of it:

People have different types of scalp characteristics. The scalp can be oily, dry or normal. Different scalp types require different care. When one has a normal scalp that is neither dry nor oily, it is easier to manage and even easier to choose the right products for the scalp. For a normal scalp, it is all about proper maintenance. A normal scalp will not be dry and flaky nor will it cause extra oil secretion making the scalp greasy. A mild shampoo with the correct balance of chemicals is best suited for a normal scalp. One does not have to go looking for extra conditioning or oil removal on the scalp. A basic but mild shampoo will do the trick.

A lot of people have oily scalp. This is due to the excessive secretion of oils from the scalp. An oily scalp is a magnet for dust, pollutants and dead skin cells. Regular cleaning is necessary but at the same time, one must be careful not to use shampoo excessively. Using shampoo excessively on an oily scalp will cause extra dryness on the hair and the scalp. One can use shampoos that are specifically meant for oily scalp. These shampoos can be volumizing, strengthening and fortifying. Deep conditioning shampoos can be avoided. The root areas of the hair are closer to the scalp and hence more greasy in an oily scalp. Shampoos that help with proper cleansing of the same can be beneficial. If one uses shampoos that cause more oiliness on the scalp is used the hair will face damage. Conditioners should usually be avoided for oily scalps. Now come to the third type of scalp which is the dry scalp. A dry scalp can be flaky, and itchy and the hairs can be brittle. For this type of scalp, a deep-conditioning shampoo is good and will keep the hair from drying up. It will also condition the scalp and maintain moisture and balance on the scalp. It will also condition the scalp and maintain moisture and balance on the scalp. A dry scalp usually tends to have dry hair and the hair can be brittle. Using a proper shampoo that can condition the scalp and the hair can be very helpful.

2- The second factor that we need to know when we are choosing the correct shampoo

For our hair is the type of hair that we have. We can have curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, damaged hair, fine hair, chemically treated hair, etc. Each hair type requires different kinds of shampoos. Curly hair is usually prone to tangling and frizz. A moisturising shampoo that helps with maintaining the curls as well as detangling the hair can be used along with the right types of conditioners. Using shampoos that can maintain the correct balance of moisture in the hair is extremely important for curly hair. If one uses shampoo that can cause dryness to the hair can cause damage to the curls and further tangling. Straight hair is usually smooth and does not have a lot of problems with tangled hair. Shampoos that can close the cuticles and provide further smoothness to the hair can be used. A well-conditioning shampoo and conditioner can help abundantly with straight hair. Voluminising shampoos can do ender with straight hair and provide multiple arenas for styling them.

Wavy hair is easy to maintain and a normal mild shampoo that conditions moisturises and strengthens the hair can be used. Using shampoos that dry the hair can cause the hair to look dull and lifeless. When we have damaged hair due to daily wear and tear, it is most important for us to be extra cautious while choosing shampoo. Hair-repairing shampoos can be used that will help with hair build-up and repair/reverse any damage that may be present. Even pollution can cause hair damage and hence a shampoo that can help with it is most recommended. Fine hair type is usually very difficult to style and maintain. They are easily damaged and require extra care and effort while being styled.

A shampoo that strengthens the hair fortifies it and gives volume can be used. This will help manage fine hair. For hair that has been chemically treated such as straightened, permed, bleached, coloured, etc. a shampoo that is very gentle on the hair can be used. Shampoos that have fewer chemicals, protect the colour and at the same time repair the hair can be used. They are easily available. Using harsh or strong shampoos on chemically treated hair can be very damaging to the hair and can cause hair loss and hair breakage. More News!

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