How Embody Fitness takes their training and body transformation to a new level

Embody Fitness is taking training and body transformation to the next level.

To understand more, Emirates Woman discusses innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry with Founder James Miller.

How is Embody Fitness changing the game in terms of fitness and what are the core values at the heart of its DNA?

Embody Fitness is unique in terms of how closely and scientifically we work with our clients so that we can basically guarantee life-changing results in just a few months now. Our core values always focus on putting our clients at the centre of everything we do. Then having a strong team ethic to ensure our clients get the very best of our team in all areas of our expertise from strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery, and sports therapy.  Coming to Embody is like walking into your family away from home, we all have each other’s backs and are there to support, encourage, have fun, and achieve amazing results.

The equipment is state of the art – how challenging was it to define what was needed for a superlative fit-out and to execute that?

My partner and I have a strong vision for what our facilities need to look and feel like and how they should transport our clients as soon as they enter our doors. We are very design-led and attention to detail is really important to us. So many fitness centres lack inspiration, design, and basic cleanliness and we really want to continue to push the boundaries in terms of what can be achieved. We believe through the combination of a highly professional team through to award-winning design-led facilities means our clients remain inspired and motivated and can achieve the life-changing results they are looking for but never achieved previously.

You have a recovery suite that focuses on temperature extremes. Why is this key to optimizing the body and mind?

I am a strong believer in hot-cold therapy treatment having practiced this for a while myself. So we decided to incorporate a state-of-art recovery suite with the latest in infrared saunas and ice baths to bring this experience to our clients.  The latest research is showing so many new and important health benefits I believe most people would benefit their lives from this type of therapy in some way.  From improved muscle recovery, stronger immunity, reduced stress and anxiety, improved sense of well-being, fighting cancer, supporting detoxification and weight loss to improvement in chronic pain and auto-immune diseases there are just so many benefits to be gained.

What has been the innovation that has changed the game in your life, career or business – and how so?

Given I am turning 50 soon, I really grew up just ahead of the technology boom, so I would say Apple launching their iPod and then the iPhone changed the way we use to live our lives so much.  When my children see an “old fashion” fixed line telephone or cassette recorder they just laugh, and given how much of our lives exist on our mobile phones these days you can see why.

What or who is innovative to you and why?

Someone I grew up with who inspired me with their constant innovation was Richard Branson. He has launched more than 400 entrepreneurial initiatives across so pretty much every sector and has even joined the race to outer space.  A person who is always willing to put themselves in the arena, never afraid to fail, to buck norms, and be persistent in their pursuit to create opportunities for a better world is always going to inspire me in how I want to live my life.

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