Deciphering The Best Data Science Institute in Hyderabad

With the data science technology spreading its arms in various industrial sectors, it has resulted in the demand for data scientists across the globe. Hyderabad has become a prominent attraction point for undergoing data science education in the country.

The data scientist course in Hyderabad offers plenty of programs within data science learning. This can be categorized based on the program type and course duration. To elaborate, the program type is mainly whether your data science learning is a certification program, or diploma, an undergraduate, or a master’s degree program. The type of program also decides the course duration, for example, a certification is merely of few month’s tenure compared to a postgraduate program that usually takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete.

1.   Course Curriculum

Any course curriculum is the foundation of every educational program, especially in the dynamic data science field. A thorough data science curriculum should encompass a range of basic to advanced topics, including statistics, machine learning, big data analytics, data visualization, and programming languages.

●      Indian School of Business

ISB offers a certificate program in business analytics. The curriculum is crafted to tie up with industries, thereby providing real-world insights while teaching the certification program. It comprises topics like statistics, machine learning, and big data analytics.

●      Learnbay

It has a variety of learning options based on experience, background, and freshness to the field. Learnbay’s curriculum takes care of both experienced and non-tech professionals. It has a comprehensive curriculum with no compromise on practical learning. Several capstone and real-world projects are given to the earners for practicing theoretical knowledge similar to the industrial setup.

●      Jigsaw Academy

The Jigsaw Academy, in partnership with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), gives the option of doing a postgraduate diploma in data science. Thus, giving rise to industry-aligned coursework, covering all the essential data science skills with a strong focus on applications and capstone projects.

2.   Faculty

The quality of education majorly depends on the faculty’s expertise. This shapes the learning experience and gives real insights into the world of data science.

●      Indian School of Business

The faculty of ISB has experience in industry and academic teaching. The faculties escort both the knowledge of practical views and research expertise, hence improving the education experience.

●      Learnbay

Learnbay has expert faculties with very prominent years of working experience in the data science industry. They also possess a data science research background. Thus, learning from them gives you detailed and application-based learning.

●      Jigsaw Academy

The faculty of Jigsaw Academy are mostly industry practitioners and data science experts, furnishing practical insights and guidance. This education organization focuses on hands-on education mentored by experienced professionals with having profound understanding of industrial requirements and trends.

3.   Industry Connections

Industries and the best data science institute in Hyderabad go hand in hand when it comes to collaboration. In this process, both of them benefit, the education organization utilizes industrial expertise to curate trendy course curricula and design real-world projects. However, the industry takes a bulk amount of learners from these organizations to carry out their extra work in the form of internships and apprenticeships. This helps in building a stronger portfolio of learners.

●      Indian School of Business

It regularly conducts industrial interaction guest lectures, networking events, and so on. Due to this, data science aspirants get lots of opportunities to connect with potential recruiters.

●      Learnbay

It has collaboration with two major industry players, ie. Microsoft and IBM. This helped them build an industry-based curriculum, with the coursework offering lots of capstone and real-world projects. They also provide resume writing, LinkedIn, and profile-building activities.

●      Jigsaw Academy

It has diverse corporate training programs that help develop robust relationships with many data science companies. Sometimes, by utilizing these connections, Jigsaw Academy provides internship and placement opportunities to learners.

Alumni Success

The record of an institute’s success can be easily traced by the volume of past learners and their current career profiles. Before enrolling in any program, aspirants should consider going through the testimonies of the learning experience. And, also how pursuing the mentioned curriculum has changed their career significantly.

Domain Specialization

Domain specialization refers to the study of data science tools and techniques but applying them in the non-IT industry functioning. This specialization can occur in the fields of retail, manufacturing, healthcare, BFSI, human resources, finance, supply chain, and so on. This helps learners utilize their experience along with the data science knowledge in the non-tech industries. The demand for data science professionals with little exposure to their respective domains has proved to be of great choice.

Conclusion of (Data Science)

Deciding on the best data science institute in Hyderabad needs you to consider certain aspects like industrial connections, curriculum, infrastructure, etc. These facilities need to be coinciding with your learning choices and career goals. Additionally, carefully scrutinize the testimonials of the ex-learners, this can provide you with the real happenings of the curriculum’s insights.

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