Ahlan protection offering HABC Highfield Infection Prevention and Control Within the Context of Covid 19

The corona pandemic not only altered our behaviours but also compelled organizations to modify their policies and strategies. Safety and precautions are now accorded a higher priority than in the past, and businesses are required to implement safety measures for their employees. To reduce the transmission of the virus and ensure a secure workplace, Highfield has implemented an infection prevention course amid COVID-19.

Historically, the HABC course was limited to food safety, first aid certification, and hazard prevention. Nonetheless, the COVID pandemic has compelled organizations to treat infection prevention seriously, so certification has also been implemented for it.

What is Highfield HABC?

Highfield Award Body of Compliance is the abbreviation for HABC. It is a certification for auditing qualifications, product safety, and health safety. Due to the demands of the COVID pandemic, however, infection prevention has recently been introduced to the curriculum and the course has been modified. It offers over 200 certificates and is the largest provider of fire safety, security, and first aid qualifications. Now, infection prevention is the most extensively studied subject, and certifications have been developed for it.

HABC offers its services throughout the majority of the Middle East, including significant nations such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, as well as throughout Asia. Although to a lesser extent than Europe and the United States, these nations were also affected by corona. Consequently, they require a safety plan to protect their organizations.

What is HABC’s Infection Prevention Certificate?

The HABC infection prevention certification is available at Ahlansafety.com, a website devoted to providing organizations with safety education. This course teaches the management how to combat the virus, particularly in high-risk environments like hospitals. It is difficult to prevent hospital or nursing home personnel from contracting the virus; therefore, a solid foundation of knowledge and skill is required. This is what the Highfield infection prevention course provides.

The category contains two main courses: infection prevention and control and the free COVID-19 course. Given the prevalence of viruses around the globe, there is an urgent need to protect them from them. The former is a comprehensive course that covers all potential dangers posed by viruses and microbes.

However, the latter is corona-specific and provides instructions on how to eliminate COVID from your environment. It also includes information about quarantine and how to combat the virus if you have already contracted it. COVID-19 is subdivided further into COVID-19 security for offices, hospitals, and retail. It practically encompasses all business areas and guides them in the best way possible.

Highfield courses on infection prevention are straightforward to enrol in. You can qualify from the comfort of your own home by passing the required phases. It consists of a fundamental exam with multiple-choice questions. However, you must employ several hours of your time to obtain the certificate. Read also!

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