7 Tips For Caring For Your Hair

Straight, wavy and curly or coil. These hair types change as we style our hair, and due to heat and chemical damage, they change their pattern. But every time your hair growth cycle restarts, your hair DNA characters reassert themselves. So it’s essential to take care of hair according to their hair type, or you will continue to damage your hair even further. If you want to buy hair care products, this coupon code can help you. Use the cosmetic capital discount code to get the brands you are thinking of buying at a low price.

Hair care according to your hair type:

Straight Hair:

Tip 1: check the labels of the products you use do not have oil in them. Since straight hair naturally produces more oil, you don’t want to add more with the products.

Tip 2: Over washing can also become a reason for more oil production; to avoid it, wash your hair for at least after two days.

Tip 3: Heavy serums and butters do not work well with straight hair, as they make them flatter. Better to use texture hair spray to gain volume.

Tip 4: Get the right kind of brush; it’s vital for your hair health and to prevent breakage of your hair. Straight Hair women can use a paddle brush; it’s beneficial for them because it has a broader surface area, provides smoothness, lessen frizz and fight static.

Tip 5: Fight frizz using dry oils; apply them while the hairs are still wet to lock the moisture in during the humid weather.

Tip 6: For adding volume to your hair, use a texture spray and blow your hair upward instead of downward from the roots.

Tip 7: Choose your conditioner wisely; for dry hair, look for a moisturising conditioner, but for oily hair, use a basic conditioner.

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Wavy Hair:

Tip 1: To keep their texture, you should stay away from oil base or creamy products. Alternatively, try using mousse sprays or even gels to define them.

Tip 2: To steer away from frizz, attach a wide tooth comb to your hair dryer, and it is going to help in vanishing the frizz.

Tip 3: Humidity can ruin the straight hair that you achieve after straightening. In addition, make use of anti-humidity products such as a moose to retain those straight hairs.

Tip 4: When seeking products for wavy hair, always look for products that possess nutrients and proteins. These formulas can provide the much-needed strength they lack.

Tip 5: While using a styling tool, ensure that you have enough heat protectant in your hair to prevent damage. As we all know, continuous damage can leave our hair brittle and without shine.

Tip 6: Yes, we all get that urge to run our hands into the hair quite often; doing this, we transfer the moisture into the hair. Similarly, over-brushing can also bring frizz and break them, so avoid it.

Tip 7: Go for high-end products over choosing drugstore brands. These brands are primarily just names and do nothing, while salon products use an intense chemicals that can damage your hair. So invest in high-end products as they provide care without being too harsh on your hair.

Curly/Coil Hair:

Tip 1: Avoid tying tight ponytails because when you tie them in a ponytail, it’s a loss in curl formation. Indeed, a tight ponytail pulls your hair against the front, which causes hair loss in the hairline.

Tip 2: Use curl products that are free from silicone and sulphates as they control frizz for the time being but lead to breakage in the long run.

Tip 3: To avoid introducing frizz into your hair, do not comb hair while they are wet. Otherwise, use a leave-in conditioner and rake through with your fingertips. Then, let them air dry rather than using a blow dryer.

Tip 4: Your hair needs loads of moisture to stay healthy; use masks, creams and butter.

Tip 5: Never use a brush to detangle your hair after taking a shower. Doing so is going to ruin your natural curls and turn them into a frizzy mess. On the contrary, try to brush them in your shower with a wide tooth comb. Start from the ends to the roots.

Tip 6: Leaving your hair unprotected while you sleep is a big mistake. Either use a silk pillowcase which is also good for your skin. Or wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect them.

Tip 7: Natural is better; use those extra beneficial natural ingredients to create masks for your hair and apply them before a showers.

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